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With many car insurance companies in Iowa to choose from, we offer you outstanding coverage at affordable rates. Unlike 800-number insurance companies, we take the time to know you. We see what you drive and learn about your lifestyle. You'll appreciate our comprehensive auto insurance plans.

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Auto Insurance

A personal auto insurance policy is intended to provide coverage in three general areas:

  • Liability, which is injury or damage to another person and/or their property
  • Injury to an owner/occupant of your vehicle
  • Physical damage to your vehicle

What does liability auto insurance cover?

Liability is typically required by law and can be purchased in varying increments. Although liability coverage will pay damages to a third party, it also provides valuable protection to you and your assets. How? It provides an extra level of defense for you and helps you negotiate terms of a settlement.

Do I need roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance is a great service to give you with peace of mind. This additional coverage can come in handy and provide you with assistance in many situations including towing, battery jump-start, and flat-tire repair.

When renting a car, should I purchase insurance?

We recommend you purchase auto coverage through the rental car company due to possible gaps in coverage.

What if someone is injured?

Medical payments are the part of the policy that provide a nominal amount to cover injury to an owner or occupant of a vehicle.

What is considered full coverage?

The term "full coverage" is often used to describe the coverage that can be purchased to protect a vehicle (note: this is often required by the lender if there is a loan on the vehicle). Full coverage refers to a policy that contains liability, medical payments, and physical damage coverage.

The physical damage portion is broken down into two parts. Both usually carry a deductible.

  • Comprehensive auto insurance: This coverage does not include collision. Rather, it protects against potential losses such as those resulting from hail, fire, vandalism, or theft.
  • Collision insurance: This includes damage caused by your vehicle colliding with another object.

RV Insurance

If you own a motor home or travel trailer, we can provide coverage. We have several options for RV insurance policies at The Accel Group. Some policies can provide vacation liability, replacement cost on the unit, and even limited contents coverage.

Contact us to learn more about your RV policy options.

Classic Car Insurance

When you purchase and perhaps restore a classic vehicle, it is important you have the right coverage.

What makes these policies unique?

Classic car insurance policies differ from private passenger auto insurance policies in several ways. One primary difference is that standard auto policy claims are settled on an actual cash value basis. A classic car policy can be written on an agreed value or stated amount.

Also, classic car policies are written with the assumption that the vehicle usage will be less than an everyday use automobile. These differences are reflected in lower premium amounts.

The classic car insurance carriers that The Accel Group represents understand how important these vehicles are to our clients. Several additional coverages can be provided to make sure that if a loss occurs, your vehicle can be restored to its condition prior to the loss.

Contact us to learn more about your Iowa classic car insurance coverage options.

ATV & Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles can be added to certain auto insurance policies, but are rated differently than private passenger autos.

Why does motorcycle coverage cost more?

Motorcycles offer a different exposure to risk based on their speed, style, and value. When insuring motorcycles at The Accel Group, we evaluate the best method, based on a variety of factors. In some situations, it's preferable to add a motorcycle to an existing car insurance policy with other vehicles. In other cases, writing the motorcycle on its own policy is the better choice.

What's the best policy for my ATV?

ATV's can be used for both work and pleasure. If an ATV is used to service your own property and physical damage coverage is not needed, your homeowner's policy might provide liability coverage for the ATV. However, there are limitations to this. Often it is best to place ATV's on their own policy, providing for the liability and the physical damage to the unit. Contact us for more information.