Additional Coverage

Umbrella Coverage

Liability coverage of $1 million is the starting point for an umbrella policy. For this level of protection, the premium is usually minimal. Factors impacting the premium include the number of vehicles, number and age of drivers, number of properties, or additional items such as watercraft or RV's.

Why should I have an umbrella policy?

Umbrella coverage supplements your other policies, such as auto, home or renters insurance. An umbrella policy covers a much higher limit and goes above and beyond claims directly relating to your home and auto. The main purpose of an umbrella policy is to protect your assets from an unforeseen event where you are held responsible for damages.

How will umbrella coverage affect my other insurance plans?

There are often liability requirements for existing policies on the primary home and auto to warrant umbrella coverage.

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Watercraft Insurance

Our clients have a variety of interests and passions. If you love the water, we've got your covered. We offer comprehensive plans to protect your investment.

Watercraft Insurance can cover a variety of crafts from sailboats to pontoons to jet skis.

What are the costs for a watercraft policy?

Watercraft policies – sometimes referred to as boat or yacht insurance – has pricing that is based on many factors including type of craft, type of trailer, horsepower of engine and the bodies of water on which they are used.

How will this policy protect me?

A watercraft policy contains two main components: liability and physical damage. The liability provided by a watercraft policy is to protect other boaters while the craft is on the water. The physical damage coverage – which is optional – protects the craft, motor and trailer if it is damaged by a covered cause of loss including theft, vandalism, fire, and/or collision.

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