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There When You Need Us The Most

If you've had an accident, or any other type of loss, you are stressed and preoccupied with making yourself whole again. Let The Accel Group create calm where there is chaos.

The claims department at The Accel Group is available to assist you when you have a claim situation. Our staff has many years of experience and are ready to help resolve your claim as efficiently as possible. We offer personalized claim service for all our clients.

The Accel Group is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to receive initial claim reports and provide guidance.

To File a Claim:

During our business hours, call us at one of the following numbers.

  • Cedar Rapids 319-365-8611
  • Waverly 319-352-2880
  • Cedar Falls 319-596-1101

If you experience an after-hours emergency, please call 319-365-8611 and follow the prompts to have your request expedited.

24 hour Claims Numbers

Acuity Insurance

Phone 1-800-242-7666
Internet Payment

American Modern

Phone 1-800-543-2644
Internet Payment


Phone 1-800-288-8740
Internet Payment

Auto-Owners Flood

Phone 1-800-233-1131
Internet Payment

Berkley Classics

Phone 1-800-603-3330
Internet Payment


Phone 1-866-324-8222 Option 2, then Option 2 again
Internet Payment


Phone 1-800-364-3400
Internet Payment


Phone 1-800-877-0600 Option 8
Internet Payment


Phone 1-855-404-9076
Internet Payment

Farmers Mutual

Mail payments to 6785 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines, IA 50266

First Maxfield

Internet Payment

Grinnell Mutual

Phone 1-800-362-2041
Internet Payment


Phone 1-877-922-9701
Internet Payment

Hastings Mutual

Phone 1-800-442-8277 ext 1572
Internet Payment


Phone 1-877-894-7291
Internet Payment

National Marine

Phone 1-877-624-7775
Internet Payment


Phone 1-800-282-1446
Internet Payment

North Star

Phone 1-844-324-4850
Internet Payment


Phone 1-800-776-4737
Internet Payment


Phone 1-888-813-7873
Internet Payment


Phone 1-877-348-0552
Internet Payment


Phone 1-800-842-5075
Internet Payment


Phone 1-800-637-6309
Internet Payment

West Bend

Phone 1-800-573-1323
Internet Payment

Western National

Phone 1-800-352-2772
Internet Payment


Phone 1-800-766-9133
Internet Payment

To report an after-hours non-emergency claim, please fill out the form below.

After-Hours Non-Emergency Claim Form