OSHA Compliance

Keeping your Workplace Safe and Compliant

At The Accel Group, we'll help you meet all the regulations required to run your business. We stay on top of legislation, compliance, and rules regarding workplace safety. We're pleased to offer our customers a wide variety of OSHA resources. Let us save you time and money. The experts at The Accel Group are always here to help.

We are OSHA Compliance Experts

Keeping up with OSHA compliance rules can be a big headache. You have a business to run and workplace regulations and standards for OSHA keep changing all the time. We help you understand which OSHA standards impact you and how to comply.

Trust The Accel Group to Assist You and Your Company with OSHA Compliance

Our in-house experts can offer:

  • OSHA 10-Hour construction training
  • OSHA 10-Hour general industry training
  • Mock OSHA walk through
  • Written OSHA compliance programs/policies
  • Training materials for OSHA compliance programs
  • On-site consultation and inspections
  • OSHA 300 log set Up and assistance
  • Assistance with OSHA enforcement violations and settlements

A Powerful Partnership

The Accel Group maintains a close working relationship with Iowa OSHA. We partner with them for OSHA consultation visits. In addition, OSHA can help you with enforcement visits.

Our OSHA compliance assistance is a part of The Accel Group's DISCOVERisk, an initiative to lower your overall risk.

Call a member of our risk improvement team at (319) 365 - 8611 or email us for assistance with all of your OSHA compliance questions and needs.

Safety Program "Quick Check"

Take a moment to assess your company's level of compliance using this tool, then call us to find out how we can help.

Safety Program Quick Check Tool

Be Prepared for an OSHA Inspection

The OSH Act requires employers to provide a safe work environment for their workers. OSHA enforces compliance with the OSH Act by conducting inspections, gathering evidence and imposing penalties on non-compliant employers. OSHA penalties may result in fines. Download our document for more information on how to prepare.

Compliance Corner

The following updates from Occupational Safety and Health Administration are brought to you by The Accel Group.

OSHA Changes Position on Incentive Programs and Post Incident Drug Testing

OSHA Interim Enforcement Procedures for Failure to Submit Electronic Injury & Illness Records

Calculating OSHA Injury and Illness Incidence Rates

Employers may want to evaluate injury and illness experience over time or compare experience with that of the industry. This is called an employer's incidence rate. Download our document to learn more.

Accel Connect

We're excited to provide Accel Connect to our valued clients of The Accel Group. This resource portal is your one-stop source for not only insurance information but all your risk management, compliance, HR, safety, and other business needs. We've partnered with a reputable company called Zywave to provide this portal. All the content is written by their team of experienced attorneys and professional writers, so you never have to worry about validating information. Get to know more about Accel Connect and how it can save you time and resources.

If you have any questions – at any time – feel free to contact your representative at The Accel Group representative for a free demo.

Learn More

We've partnered with a reputable company called Zywave to provide this portal. All the content is written by their team of experienced attorneys and professional writers, so you never have to worry about validating information. Get to know more about Accel Connect and how it can save you time and resources.

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Take Control of OSHA Compliance Rules

At The Accel Group, we're problem solvers. We want to keep you informed and educated about workforce regulations. Following are a few critical ways we can help your business.

OSHA compliance

Learn everything you need to know to make sure you're in compliance with OSHA regulations, including educational briefs written in plain language to FAQs.

OSHA log

Are you worried about OSHA showing up at your door? With our online tracking log, you'll always have your log up to date. It even helps you determine if an incident needs to be recorded. Then when it's time to report, simply print it out.

OSHA tracking and analysis

Do you know how your workplace injuries compare year-to-year or by division? Do you know what injury type is most common? Easily track your OSHA incidents and assess important breakdowns to identify trends and implement safety strategies.

Access Workplace Policies and Forms

At The Accel Group, we want to save you time and money. We provide important resources so you don't have to re-invent the wheel. Why spend time creating a manual or designing forms when we can provide them for you? Let us help.

Safety manual

Putting together a safety manual and gathering relevant policies is a daunting task. No need to waste company time; find everything you need in Accel Connect . Just search "policy" to find a wide range of sample policies, or access our comprehensive, customizable safety manual.

Common forms

There's no need to create new forms. Now you can have access to many common forms, from return to work forms to claims forms to job-specific forms and many more.

Create and Maintain a Safety Culture

Not only are safety programs important for your workers, they're critical to your bottom line. Ensuring your workplace is safe allows you to keep your business running without interruptions or costly litigation. Count on the professionals at The Accel Group to help you create a culture of safety.

Creating or Maintaining a Safety Program

Whether you're just getting started or need help maintaining an existing safety program, Accel Connect has all the resources you need. You'll appreciate our informational articles, comprehensive guides, and employee surveys.

Employee Safety Resources

Access hundreds of employee-focused resources on a wide range of safety topics to help reinforce your safety culture and communicate important safety topics. Resources include flyers, newsletters, supervisor safety talks, posters, videos, and more.


Benchmark surveys

See how your programs stack up against similar employers by checking out the benchmark surveys on the portal. Our surveys are completed each quarter by thousands of employers across the country.

Workers' compensation

Many employers do not fully understand workers' compensation. Did you know you can take steps to drastically reduce your workers' comp costs? Learn about these important topics with a series of educational articles. In addition, you'll learn about a Return to Work program and workers' comp state statutes to ensure you're in compliance with regulations.