Water Well Drilling

We Dig Down for the Best Coverage

Water well drilling presents unique challenges. It is important to have the right coverage both on ground, and below ground. The Accel Group can help. Our Advisors will provide a customized insurance plan that protects you.

We've Got You Covered!

The Accel Group offers a full range of products and services specific to your needs. Through our DISCOVERisk process, we come onsite and provide a personalized risk assessment to identify strengths and areas of opportunity to improve your risk profile.

Additional Services:

We offer many value-added services to make your operation run safely, including:

Our goal is to become your trusted advisor, helping you every step of the way. We want to reduce the chance of worksite claims and improve your overall risk profile, making you more attractive to insurance companies and ultimately boosting your bottom line.

We have coverages and programs specific to the needs of the water well drilling industry, including:

  • Down-the-hole coverage
  • Pollution cleanup and removal
  • Offsite tool and equipment coverage
  • Borrowed/rented equipment
  • Flow breakout and resultant property damage
  • Debris removal
  • Mobile equipment

We also provide many other business coverages

Trust one of our Advisors at The Accel Group to provide customized coverage for all your water well drilling needs.

OSHA Outreach 10-Hour Construction Course

Course Overview:

The OSHA 10-hour Outreach Construction Course is a part of an OSHA outreach program that results in a valid DOL/OSHA 10-hour card. This OSHA course teaches recognition, avoidance, abatement, safety, and prevention of health hazards in workplaces, focusing mostly on construction sites.

This course also provides information regarding workers' rights, employer responsibilities and how to file a complaint. It is designed to help workers stay up-to-date with their OSHA safety requirements.

Intended Audience:

The OSHA 10-hour Outreach Construction Course is intended for employees who need an OSHA 10-hour card. Participants must receive at least 10 hours of instruction to successfully complete this course.

Learning Objectives:

The OSHA 10-hour Outreach Construction Course focuses on federal OSHA construction industry standards, pointing out any differences with state standards. Employees are encouraged to learn company policies on these subjects which might be different and more stringent.

Following the OSHA 10 Outreach Construction Course, students should be able to:

  • Recognize what worker rights are protected under OSHA
  • Recognize what responsibilities an employer has under OSHA
  • Identify major fall hazards
  • Identify common caught-in or between hazards
  • Identify common struck-by hazards
  • Identify types of electrocution hazards
  • Identify ways to select appropriate PPE and lifesaving equipment
  • Identify major health hazards common to the construction industry
  • Recognize how to protect oneself from material handling hazards
  • Identify major hand and power tool hazards
  • Recognize the role of the workforce in improving the current culture
  • Recognize the role of management in improving the current culture

For more information please contact Jessica Rhatigan, Risk Advisor, at jrhatigan@acceladvantage.com