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Preventing Workers Compensation Injuries

Why It’s So Important.

Slip and fall accidents are a constant concern for businesses. Each year businesses spend billions of dollars in liability claims. These claims account for medical costs, fines for accidents that can be prevented, workers’ compensation costs and lawsuits due to injuries from the fall; and they add up quickly. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) slip and fall accidents are the most costly occupational injury that can be prevented so it is crucial to your business that you take effort in preventing workers compensation injuries like these.

You can’t prevent all accidents but through proper planning you can minimize the danger. Below are some helpful tips to create a safer work environment and prevent slip and fall accidents from happening on your property:

Maintain Good Housekeeping

Good housekeeping is critical in slip and fall prevention. It reduces debris and wet/slippery floor areas. If your facility has poor housekeeping, it can result in higher incidents increasing costs due to injuries to employees and customers. Good housekeeping includes:

  • Establishing routine housekeeping procedures
  • Plan ahead. Know what needs to be done and assign parts to employees
  • Sweep and mop debris from floors and walkways
  • Immediately mop up spills and wet areas
  • Properly mark spills and wet areas

Reduce Slippery Surfaces: Ice and Snow

During the cold months, the weather can be hard to predict. It is important that businesses pre-plan for snow and ice removal. Whether purchasing the right equipment and supplies or contracting snow removal services to the right contractor. Do your research or speak to industry experts to make sure you have the right equipment in your area. These tasks will help in minimizing accidents and injuries. Concentrate on high traffic areas like:

  • Parking lots
  • Ramps
  • Stairs
  • Walkways and sidewalks

Be aware of black ice. The changing temperatures during the winter months can produce many slippery surfaces due to refreezing water. Black ice can form in high traffic areas that is nearly invisible.  Black ice a huge contributing factor to slip and falls and if you want to save your business serious money by preventing workers compensation injuries like these you have to take a proactive approach of educating your employees awareness of the issue.

Avoid Obstacles in Aisles and Walkways?

Injuries and falls can occur if you have to navigate around obstacles, there is clutter in aisles, walkways, and entryways. Keeping these traffic areas clear can eliminate customers or employees from having accidents at your facility. With a clear plan you can avoid accidents.

  • Ensure that all work areas, aisles and walkway area are clean and orderly
  • Make sure with aisles with signage or displays are organized and have enough room for walking
  • Inspect traffic areas for slip and trip hazards

Install Proper Lighting

Improper lighting at your business can increase accidents. The use of proper lighting at the right locations such as walkways, ramps, stairs, hallways, entryways, work areas, and parking lots can help reduce accidents and injuries. Keeping lighting properly serviced and repaired immediately will help reduce malfunction.

Maintain the Right Liability Coverage

Unfortunately you can’t prevent all slip and fall accidents but there are steps you can take for decreasing and preventing workers compensation injuries. That is why it is so important to protect your business with the right coverage. At The Accel Group, you can rest assured your business will be the focus of their qualified agents. Click here to learn more.