Contract and Commercial Surety Bonds for Your Business

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Suretyship is a very specialized type of insurance that is created whenever one party wishes to guarantee the performance of another party. Although many insurance agencies provide bonds to their clients, the process of obtaining a bond is actually much …Read More

Protection against Floods: What You May Not Know…

Posted on: February 14th, 2012 by The Accel Group | 1 Comment

Tara Widdel,   CIC  CISR Personal lines Manager, The Accel Group, Inc In Eastern Iowa, flood protection is a pretty hot topic. Cedar Rapids was devastated by a massive flood on June 13th, 2008. We are still rebuilding from that flood …Read More

Basics of Commercial Property Insurance

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A few key concepts can help you better understand how your commercial property insurance works.  Reading insurance forms is challenging for all of us but understanding the concepts addressed by the forms make them more manageable. The items below are terms …Read More

Personal Umbrella Liability

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We ask clients, “Do you have an umbrella policy?”  Some say yes, but some say I don’t know. What is a personal umbrella policy?  Additional umbrella protection is becoming a “must have” for more and more insurance customers. Today, the …Read More

What You Should Know About Certificates of Insurance

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Certificates of Insurance – ahh the joys. If you are in business, more than likely you’ve run into the need to get or provide a certificate of insurance. Certificates are a snapshot of certain liability coverage an entity has in force …Read More

Creating a Company Policy on Cell Phone Use

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When discussing safety elements with clients and business owners, one topic that is always popular is “Cell Phone Usage.” There are several elements to consider when thinking about implementing a cell phone policy including: How do I best protect my …Read More

Personal Auto vs. Commercial Auto Coverage

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Auto insurance is auto insurance right? What’s the big deal if my vehicle is used for work and my home life? Unfortunately, personal auto insurance and commercial auto insurance are not the same. In fact, it can seem like people …Read More

Rating Factors for Auto Insurance

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Just like anything else, the more advanced technology gets, the more complex rating insurance has become with personal insurance rating (home, auto, motorcycle, umbrella, rentals, etc.). We can no longer collect three or four factors and tell you a rate, …Read More

Rental Car Coverage and Your Insurance

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Summer is here! Warm weather has arrived, school is out, and many families are planning their summer vacations. One question that may pop in to mind when renting a car for your vacation is: “What type of coverage extends from …Read More

Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business

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Having the right insurance coverage is one important piece in maintaining business continuity. However, many business owners don’t realize how important a disaster plan is until it’s too late. Ninety percent of businesses fail within a year if they are …Read More