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Protect Your Family and Home from Summer Storms

Summer is an exciting time– warm weather, baseball games, and weekend barbecues. We all love spending time outside during the summer months! But as wonderful as the summer months are, unfortunately they are also known for dangerous weather. From hail to thunderstorms and tornadoes, summertime fun in the Midwest can turn to scary storm warnings in a matter of hours.

The Accel Group wants to ensure your family is safe and protected from dangerous weather. We also want to provide coverage from dangerous storms and the damage they cause to your most valuable assets. Floods, high winds, and hail can cause expensive damage to homes, businesses, and vehicles. Are you covered?


What does my homeowner insurance cover?

For the most accurate answer, consult The Accel Group directly about your insurance policy and coverage. You can always contact your insurance agent directly and ask about specific instances that you may or may not be covered for. This is an important question before renewing or changing a policy as well.

Because summer storms are often unpredictable, ensuring you have the right coverage for your home is important. Be sure to ask about types of homeowner’s insurance coverage, limitations, deductibles, and replacement provisions.


Wind Damage

Violent thunderstorms, tornadoes and heavy rain all threaten your home with significant amounts of wind damage. In most circumstances, a comprehensive homeowners policy covers damages from wind damage after a deductible is paid.


Flooding and Water Damage

Most standard home insurance policies will not cover damage from flooding caused by nature (ex. – excess rain, hurricanes, river overflow, etc.).

Depending on where a home is located and whether or not it is located in a flood plain, coverage varies. The National Flood Insurance Program provides additional flood coverage for instances that are not covered under a typical homeowner’s policy. The National Flood Insurance Program is a federal-backed program that provides affordable flood insurance to homeowners in areas prone to flooding.

Whether or not you have a flood insurance policy, it is important to find out if your homeowner’s insurance policy covers water damage to your home and basement. Are you covered in the case of a sewer backup, sump pump breakdown, water seepage, or burst pipes?

Talk with your Accel Group insurance agent about the amount of coverage needed based on the condition of your basement. Coverage may be different if the basement is a finished living space as opposed to used mainly for storage.


Hail Damage

Consult your Accel Group Agent to be sure your homeowner’s insurance covers hail damage. Roof repairs are often covered by standard homeowner’s policies, but can vary depending on types of policies and coverage. Insurance companies also take the age of the roof and depreciation value into consideration when providing coverage.

Hailstorms also do a great deal of damage to vehicles. Most comprehensive car insurance policies cover vehicle hail damage repairs after a deductible is paid. Contact The Accel Group for more information on car insurance in Eastern Iowa and to ensure your car insurance covers damage from a summertime storm.


Falling Trees

Depending on the location of the tree, homeowners may or may not be covered if a falling tree damages your home. If the tree is located on your property, most homeowner’s insurance policies cover the cost of repairs following a deductible. If the tree is located on city or neighbor owned property, their insurance may be responsible for the cost of repairs.

Check with your insurance agent, as all policies and companies are different.


Additional Coverage- Roof, Siding, and Outside Structures

Some homeowner’s policies provide reduced coverage levels when a roof or siding reaches a certain age. They may, for instance, not cover roof damage at all, or perhaps pay to repair damage based on a depreciated value (insurance companies call this “actual cash value”).


Now is a great time to consult your insurance company with questions about homeowner’s insurance policies and to ensure you are properly covered and protected from summer’s nastiest storms. Contact an Accel Group agent today. We are dedicated to providing the best insurance and coverage for homeowners throughout Eastern Iowa.

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