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Most people don’t expect bad things to happen. But life is unpredictable and disasters do occur. While you can’t prepare for emergencies, you can take steps to ensure they don’t ruin you financially.

That’s why having the proper amount of insurance is critical. Trust the experts at The Accel Group to make sure you’re protected. We’ve been helping clients since 1928 and our experience and solid reputation make all the difference.

Insurance provides protection against all sorts of possibilities. In exchange for premium payments, an insurance company like The Accel Group agrees to compensate you according to your policy terms for losses, damages, illnesses, and even death.

While there are dozens of insurance policies, let’s focus on just five types today.


Auto Insurance


If you own a car, most states require you to carry auto insurance. In Iowa, if you don’t carry it, you’re risking hundreds to many thousands of dollars in financial penalties. In the event of an auto accident, insurance covers damage to your car, damage to any other cars involved, and medical bills if anyone is injured. Imagine a world without auto insurance for a moment. If you totaled someone’s car, would you be able to buy him or her another one? For most people, the answer is no. What if you or a family member seriously injured someone? Could you pay that person’s medical bills? Of course not. But your insurance policy could. At The Accel Group, we represent more than 10 different insurance carriers so we can customize your coverage.

Life Insurance

You’re healthy, own a home, and have a good job. Why should you consider life insurance? Because people depend on you and life is unpredictable. What if you were diagnosed with a terminal disease? Would your family be able to pay your bills after your death? Life insurance would give them financial stability. Or what if you died unexpectedly? Would your loved ones or children be able to afford house payments, college tuition, or everyday expenses? Life insurance is a gift you give to your heirs. It allows you to continue caring for them even after you’re gone. At The Accel Group, we’ll help you select the perfect plan from among our many insurance companies.

Health Insurance

Everyone gets the sniffles and flu once in a while. But what if you have a major injury, need surgery, or are diagnosed with cancer? Health insurance has you covered. We’ll help customize the perfect amount of coverage for you and your family. We’ll make sure you can afford the premiums and have the right policy to meet your needs. The price of health care continues to increase. Don’t get saddled with overwhelming medical bills. You have enough to worry about when you’re sick. Count on the experienced professionals at The Accel Group. We have you covered.

Homeowners Insurance

Ah, home sweet home! It’s a wonderful feeling to be a homeowner. And you’d do anything to protect your home. But what if the unexpected happens? How would you handle a tornado, fire, flood, vandalism, theft, hail damage, earthquake, or sewage leak? These awful things can and do happen. But having the right homeowner’s insurance policy in place will ensure you can get back on your feet as soon as possible. We also provide renter’s insurance to cover the belongings inside your apartment or condo. Trust the professionals at The Accel Group to explain the difference between market value and replacement cost. We’ll also help you determine the perfect amount of coverage you need.

Small Business Insurance

As a small business owner, your focus is on building your company. At The Accel Group, we’ll help protect it. We offer a wide variety of ways to safeguard your business, including policies for your property, business auto fleet, worker’s compensation, general liability, employment liability, and general liability, among many other types of insurance. You can also purchase a commercial umbrella policy that provides coverage your regular policies do not cover. It’s blanket protection for scenarios you may not have anticipated.


Risk Management plays into the insurance equation, to improve your overall risk profile. Allow the trained experts at The Accel Group to assess your business and help identify potential risks. We can provide safety and loss control programs, training materials and workshops, recommendations to reduce your liability losses, and surefire methods to lower your risk. We serve as the partner between you and the insurance company. As your advisor, our goal is to help identify and minimize risk. Read our previous blog for all the ways we can help your business.

Talk to The Accel Group about all your insurance in Eastern Iowa needs. We’ve been providing friendly and personalized service for nearly 90 years. Contact us or get an instant quote today.