Posted on: April 16th, 2012 by The Accel Group | No Comments
Do you have a live-in relative or roommate? Are you getting married soon, and waiting to combine auto insurance until after the wedding? Do you let your neighbor borrow your car on a regular basis? If so, you may be opening yourself up to an uncovered claim!
If you live with a licensed driver that is not currently listed on your personal auto insurance policy or you have someone that regularly drives your auto that is not listed as a driver on your policy, it’s likely that your auto insurance will not cover an accident while they are driving your vehicle.
Typically the Personal Auto Policy has an exclusion of coverage listed for incidents which bodily injury or property damage is caused when an unlisted driver is driving ‘your’ vehicle. If there is an auto that is ‘furnished and available for regular use’ and the driver is unlisted on the policy and they hop into the vehicle and cause damage to a person or property, the damage will become your responsibility and likely be an uncovered insurance loss.
On the flip side, if someone wishes to borrow your vehicle and you grant them permission typically you and your vehicle would be covered. As long as they do not have regular access to your vehicle, then this is permissible use and typically covered by your policy. Keep in mind, when you lend your car you lend your insurance. That means claims that occur while someone else is driving will remain listed under your claims history.
It’s important to disclose household drivers to your insurance agent. We can work with your insurance carrier to list the other drivers on your policy so that they have coverage. Contact us today to learn more.