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Every car on the road is required by law to have insurance or be able to prove financial responsibility for the amount of an accident. If a driver is unable to prove financial responsibility for an accident or is uninsured, driving and registrations are suspended. Depending on the car, its driver, and a variety of other factors, the need for insurance differs.


If you are shopping for car insurance in Iowa, consider the answers to these common questions before making a purchase. It’s important to The Accel Group that your family is protected with a good car insurance policy. Agents at The Accel Group work to provide Iowa families with the best coverage options at an affordable price.


“What is car insurance and why do I need it?”

Car insurance exists to provide drivers with protection from financial loss in the case of a car accident, inclement weather, and other vehicle mishaps. Car owners purchase insurance and pay a monthly or yearly premium to an insurance company in exchange for financial coverage in the event of car issues.


All car owners need insurance before hitting the road.  Without car insurance, car accidents can be financially devastating. In the case of an accident where the uninsured driver is at fault, that party would be at risk of all vehicle and medical expenses as a result.


“What kinds of car insurance do I need?”

There are many different factors that determine the type of coverage and the amount to purchase. Your insurance agent can help you determine the type of coverage to purchase and the amount of coverage needed to protect your financial loss in the case of an accident. The following are types of insurance many Iowans choose to purchase.


Uninsured and Underinsured (UM/UIM)  Motorist Coverage pays for you and your passenger’s bodily injury. This is important coverage to have if you’re hit by someone that doesn’t have liability insurance or not enough to cover your medical expenses.  This limit is written on a per person/per accident basis or as a combined single limit and is normally matched with your liability limit.


Comprehensive Coverage- Comprehensive car insurance coverage provides financial protection in the case of fire, theft, flooding, and other physical damages that may occur not as a result of an accident.


Collision Coverage- Collision coverage protects drivers from accidents with other vehicles and objects.


Optional Coverage- Many insurance companies offer additional coverage to protect drivers in special circumstances including towing and rental coverage.



“How can I get the best price or rate?”

There are a variety of variables that affect the amount insurance companies charge for insurance protection.


A good initial rule, however, is to choose a higher deductible, to reduce the price of a monthly premium. In the long run, this small change can save drivers a lot of money.


Many insurance companies offer lower rates to safe drivers. Having a good driving record, including no recent accidents or traffic tickets, can lead to discounts on car insurance coverage. This goes for young drivers as well. For students who are safe drivers and get good grades in school, parents can receive lower car insurance rates.


Finally, consider combining policies with the same insurance company to improve your chance of receiving a discount. If your home, health, and car insurance are with the same company you could receive a discount, for example.


“How do I get started?”

At The Accel Group, agents work with leading insurance companies to ensure drivers receive the best insurance coverage at the best price. You can request a quote for free here.


The Accel Group agents help drivers determine the car insurance policy and the amount of coverage needed to fit their specific situation.


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