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Unfortunately, eliminating risk is almost impossible.  No matter the business or industry, companies do not exist without risk.  However, risk can be managed and businesses protected with proper business insurance coverage. From the coverage of loss, changing business expenses, and protection against business defense claims, business insurance coverage is a crucial and smart purchase for any business, often required by law.

The Accel Group Agency in Eastern Iowa wants to ensure small and large business owners make a knowledgeable insurance purchase that protects the business, at the best price.  Continue reading to learn more about buying business insurance, working with an insurance agency and types of insurance offered to small and large businesses in Iowa.


Assess Risk

A great first step when shopping for business insurance includes understanding and assessing the risk placed on a business. Because all businesses are different and experience various types and levels of risk, insurance companies review the company’s needs to determine the amount of insurance coverage to offer.

Prior to purchasing a policy, determine the risk placed on your business. These risks could include location, building type, fire protection services, crime rates, employees, machines/equipment and type of business.

By understanding the financial or environmental risks that challenge your business, insurance purchases are much easier.  Knowledge about risk and understanding how it affects your business will make working with an agent much easier.  At The Accel Group, you’ll have an Advisor that works with you to provide expert advice and knowledge of insurance.


Research Types of Insurance

Business owners should spend time researching the insurance needs and requirements of their specific industry or business.  This research allows business owners to understand the types of coverage and policies an insurance company may offer.  Thorough research allows business owners the opportunity to ask important and valuable questions throughout the insurance buying process.

Because all businesses have unique needs and qualities, The Accel Group assesses the business’ specific insurance needs to provide proper coverage.  Our agents can help specify the types of insurance coverage that may be best for your business 


Find an Agent

Whether you are searching for a local or national insurance company to provide sufficient business insurance coverage, The Accel Group works with companies in Eastern Iowa and across the nation to provide business owners with the best insurance possible.  With the best coverage at the best price, it’s our goal to help Iowans protect their business.

It’s important to work with a company you can trust. We welcome questions about our company, experience, and advisors.  At The Accel Group, we want you to feel confident in your decision to work with us.


Understand Insurance Options

As a business owner, you can receive the protection you need in a modern, comprehensive policy from The Accel Group.

Insurance options at The Accel Group cover all areas of business. From commercial auto insurance to liability coverage, The Accel Group has a variety of insurance options to protect your business.




To learn more about the specific types of business insurance available through The Accel Group, visit our business insurance page.

You can also read about Iowa small business insurance available through The Accel Group here.


Reassess Annually

Because businesses change frequently, your advisor will contact you to review coverage before renewing your policies. If you have purchased or replaced equipment, gained employees, or expanded operations, you should contact your insurance agent to discuss changes in business to ensure the changes are covered properly.

As your business grows, so do potential liabilities. It’s important to have complete coverage in the incident of an accident or liability.  Avoid getting caught underinsured by reassessing your insurance coverage annually. Whether your year included new equipment, additional employees, or simply expanded operations, The Accel Group can help you cover any changes.


Advisors at The Accel Group want to help you make the best decision when looking to insure your business. For a quote or more information on business insurance coverage, contact The Accel Group today online.