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You’ve been enjoying the sun soaked days of summer so far with your windows down and trips to the lake. Why should you be worried about your auto insurance? Along with the sun, summer also brings storms with damaging winds and hail which could wreak havoc on your car and your wallet. You have auto insurance, though, so you’re covered, right? Not necessarily. If you only purchased a standard collision auto insurance policy, you may not be covered for hail damage.


Why Your Iowa Auto Insurance Policy Needs Hail Damage Coverage

Hail is most common in the Midwestern states, and Iowa ranked #9 on the list of the top 10 states for hail damage auto insurance claims between 2008 and 2014.

While the summer storm season may be nearing its end, it isn’t over yet. Hail storms are most often during late spring and summer, and the largest hail storm recorded in the U.S. fell in late July.

Maybe you keep your car parked safely in a garage at home. That’s great, however, what about while you are at work? Or what if a storm hits while you are out shopping for groceries or on that trip to the lake? You may not always be guaranteed to have covered parking.

So what about the costs? Is it worth paying for additional coverage for a few dents? It can cost anywhere from $50 to $125 to repair each dent caused by a hail storm, and the average total cost in 2014 was about $2500, according to Auto Trends magazine. Major damage can total a car, and without the proper insurance, you could be paying for those repairs out of your own pocket.


Set Up an Auto Insurance Policy with Comprehensive Coverage

So, now that we’ve determined that your auto insurance policy needs to have hail damage coverage, what is the next step? In order to ensure that you’re covered for hail damage, you will need to have a comprehensive coverage auto insurance policy.

Comprehensive auto insurance provides everything that regular insurance covers, plus so much more, including damage to your vehicle resulting from:

• Vandalism
• Fire
• Flood
• Falling objects
• Hail
• Contact with people and animals

You will also need to choose your comprehensive deductible, or the amount you will be willing to pay for repairs before the auto insurance takes over. The amount you choose for your deductible will determine your monthly premium – the higher the deductible, the lower the premium.

The Accel Group represents a number of individual insurance companies. We can compare providers, personalize your policy, and select the very best coverage for you.

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Filing a Hail Damage Claim

So you’ve purchased and set up your comprehensive auto insurance policy, and the inevitable has happened. Your car fell victim to a damaging hailstorm. How do you go about filing a claim with your insurance and paying for the repairs?

1. Contact your auto insurance policy provider to begin the claim process.
If you need to file a hail damage claim with The Accel Group, contact us here.

2. Get your vehicle appraised.
You can get an appraisal from an insurance adjuster through your provider or take your car to a repair shop for an estimate.

3. Pay your deductible, and let your insurance handle the rest.
Depending on the comprehensive deductible you chose, you will need to pay that amount and then your insurance policy will cover the remaining repair costs.

For additional information concerning comprehensive coverage or to get a free quote, contact us here.