About The Accel Foundation

The Accel Foundation is dedicated to providing community support to individuals and organizations by offering volunteer and financial assistance, to help improve the quality of life in the areas we serve.

Accel Foundation president - Kassie Docker
Kassie Docker President
Accel Foundation Secretary - Jessica Rhatigan
Jessica Rhatigan Secretary
Accel Foundation Treasurer - Lynne DeVore
Lynne DeVore Treasurer
Accel Foundation Board Member - Jessica Bronson
Jessica Bronson Board Member

"I want to make a difference in the lives of people who I see in my daily world. If we can achieve that, maybe it will spread," said one employee.

Accel Foundation member - Traci Lyons
Traci Lyons
Accel Foundation member - Shayna Fridinger
Shayna Fridinger
Accel Foundation member - Andrea Rogers
Andrea Rogers
Accel Foundation member - Brad Hubler
Brad Hubler
Accel Foundation member - Lori O'Hare
Lori O'Hare
Accel Foundation member - Traci Magsamen
Traci Magsamen
Accel Foundation member - Michelle Steffe
Michelle Steffe
Accel Foundation member - Jayne Hall
Jayne Hall

Our motto? Be a Pebble. Join the Ripple.

This phrase is based on the idea that the positive actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects. It is important that the The Accel Group Foundation be an active, supportive organization for growth and caring. Our hope is to start a positive ripple right here in eastern Iowa.

Upon request, we will make available a copy of the Foundation Annual Return and our IRS 501 (c)(3) determination letter.