The Accel Group has a long history rich in helping others for over 75 years.

The Accel Group, founded in the home of Leslie J. Young in 1936, has grown to become one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Iowa.  An evolution that began with the sale of life and auto insurance now includes a group of highly trained, dedicated professionals with expertise in business insurance, employee benefits, employer sponsored retirement plans, wealth management, and home, auto, and agribusiness insurance.

Agency owners Mike Byl, Brett Walker, and Stacie Brass are grateful to the agencies predecessors: Leslie J. Young and his wife Mavis, who kept the agency operational while Leslie was serving in World War II, and Marvin L. Walston who joined the agency in 1975 and remained active until his retirement in 1998.  Several other mergers and acquisitions over the years have also contributed to the success we enjoy today.

The agency operated as First Insurance Services from 2000 – 2010.  Then in 2010, with an opportunity to further expand its offerings to clients, The Accel Group was formed when the 401(k) and employee benefits divisions of Net Worth Advisors joined the agency.  “The merger was a tremendous opportunity for all of us to leverage our expertise and enhance our value proposition for our clients,” said Stacie Brass.

Mike Byl adds, “Our goal is to accelerate your success by providing unmatched expertise with world class customer service.  We are passionate about working with entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals who care about people and desire strong, integrated business partnerships.”  Brett Walker is excited about the future, adding, “The insurance and financial services industries are increasingly complex. We are committed to ensuring that our agency is positioned as a solution provider for our clients for years to come.”